Is the Windows 8 really all that bad?

All the OS's I have seen beforeI feel old… I just counted all the Operating Systems I have worked with… It’s a few.

It all started when I was in a discussion with some students via Twitter the other week over the Windows 8 start bar. There seems to be a lot of negative discussion going on regarding its placement. I mean it’s been on the bottom left for so long now, why change it?


It was then that I realised that I have been here before and when I looked back I realised I had seen a generation move from keyboard control to mouse control when we all moved from DOS to Windows 3.1. I remember sitting in training sessions where some people just couldn’t get the hang of using a mouse, and yet is just seems so straightforward, normal and accepted these days. I also remember all the endless complaints that Microsoft Word just didn’t work the same as Wordperfect and that Windows just slowed things down.


Then, just as we all got the hang of Windows 3.1 and all it’s follow ups, Microsoft then tell us all that the new Windows 95 interface was going to look completely different and that there wasn’t going to be Windows on the Desktop, that was going to be the space for the running applications and the start button was born. Again, as a support tech, I have to endure the complaints that it was all different and slowed everything down. I lost cound of the number of folders I put on desktops and put desktop shortcuts in there to calm the shell shocked finance girls….


And there it stays, the faithful Start Bar… Little cosmetic changes here and there but still recognisable through NT, XP, Vista and finally Windows 7.


Then comes the announcement that Windows 8 is going to do away with the Start button, its going to be hidden away behind a sliding panel… And on the right hand side too. Unforgivable, many cry! Why change what isn’t broken?


But just wait, in a year or two you will have forgotten all of this as you slide your mouse off to the right to click that start button… It’s perfectly natural for it to be there, in fact its hard to remember a time when it wasn’t there…


Till the next time…….