Applicants: Possible entry to Year 2 with GCE A Levels

Applicants who are currently studying GCE A Levels, or who have previously successfully completed this qualification, may be eligible for entry to Year 2 of one of the Computing courses offered by the School of Computing Science and Digital Media provided certain conditions are met. The School is able to offer entry to Year 2 of the BSc(Hons) Computer Science (UCAS Code G400), the BSc(Hons) Computing for Graphics and Animation (UCAS G450), BSc(Hons) Business Information Systems (UCAS G510), or the BSc(Hons) Computing for Internet and Multimedia (UCAS G401) to any applicant who meets all the following conditions:

  1. GCE A Levels at AB/BBC/ACC, to include Computing and Mathematics.
  2. Three further passes at GCSE to include English
  3. The applicant must attend and pass a 2-week Access Course in Java Programming run by the School of Computing Science and Digital Media prior to the start of the main academic session in September.

Applicants who wish more information about these options should contact the Admissions Tutor for the School of Computing (Mrs S Hodgson) on 01224 – 262784 or by email at