Building our new Motion Capture System

We recently purchase a Motion Capture system for our Digital Media students to use… Daniel Doolan and Eyad Elyan, two of our lecturers put it together over an evening. Visit Daniels YouTube for a Timelapse of them putting all the pieces in place in our green room

From the Start with an empty Green room…..

School of Computing Science and Digital Media. Motion capture setup - Start

To the final completed setup….

School of Computing Science and Digital Media Green Room. Motion Capture Setup

As well as the setup video, Daniel has around 44 videos on the Motion Capture system setup and its first tests. You can view these here:

The OptiTrack Flex 13 Camera system has a resolution of 1280 x 1024 and can capture at a rate of 120fps. A total of six cameras can be connected into a Hub, which then connects back via USB to a workstation. This twelve camera system of course requires two hubs with an RCA cable connection linking the two for synchronization purposes. Some further details about the system can be seen here