Elective submission deadline – Friday 12th October

To facilitate resources for Semester 2, students who are doing any of the following cohorts in 2012-2013 semester 2 (Jan 2013) must select a preference before Friday 12th of October.

This concerns students who are doing the following cohorts in  2012-2013 semester 2 (i.e. Jan 2013):

BSc (Hon) Business Information Systems (Stage 3) bis3

BSc (Hon) Business Information Systems (Stage 4) bis4

BSc (Hon) Computer Science (Stage 3) cs4 (i.e. degree year)

BSc (Hon) Computer Science (Stage 4) cs5 (i.e. honour year)

BSc (Hon) Computing for Graphics & Animation (Stage 3) cga3

BSc (Hon) Computing for Graphics & Animation (Stage 4) cga4

BSc (Hon) Computing for Internet & Multimedia (Stage 3) cim3

BSc (Hon) Computing for Internet & Multimedia (Stage 4) cim4

BSc (Hon) Information Systems Technology (Stage 3) ist3

BSc (Hon) Information Systems Technology (Stage 4) ist4

BSc (Hon) Multimedia Development (Stage 3) mmd3

BSc (Hon) Multimedia Development (Stage 4) mmd4

MSc Computing: Software Technology (Sept cohort, no network management)

Please visit the elective home page at:



Please consider the options seriously before setting your preference. Your course/route leaders are available for consultation if you need more information/help in making the choice.