School Computer Society


RGU CompSoc is the place to be if you have a love and passion for all things relating to programming and technology. We meet up every Tuesday evening at 17:00 in B13 St Andrew Street, AB25 1HG.

One of the members usually has a presentation or something to talk about, recent examples included a demo of the Motion Capture system, and a short talk and demo of the Raspberry Pi. The topics we look at are really down to what interests you, can be anything from video and photography to programming and MoCap.

Often we finish off our meetings by heading over to RGU:Union for a chat and some pool. If you want to learn more then check us out at the following links.

If you are interested in joining up,  the minimum fee for membership of any society is £5 & you will need to fill out a one page membership form. You have probably all seen the society Notice Board positioned between C7 and the C8/9 Lab, a few hardcopy membership forms can be found here!