Student Placement Showcase – Disney

Over the next few months, we will be talking to some of our students who have recently completed placements with various companies throughout the UK and abroad, to get their thoughts and experiences on what to expect whilst out on placement.

Placements give you the chance to put into practice the skills and knowledge you gain on your course, as well as gaining experience in the workplace.  Placements vary in length from 4 weeks to one year, can be paid or unpaid (depending on Industry/ Sector) and encompass the full range of professions, from Engineering to Accountancy, from Art & Design to Social Work.

We start by speaking to Louise McLennan who is currently in her honours year studying Multimedia Development.  Louise has recently returned from London after a year working with Disney Interactive Studios.

Q:  What were your key roles and responsibilities?

A:  My roles and responsibilities varied from project to project.  The work was varied, and I took on many responsibilities from Art direction, Art design, Presentation design & creation, Video work, creating concept art and brainstorming for game and television properties. At the end of my placement I was in charge of finding replacement interns for the department for the following year.

Q: What did an average days work consist of?

A: There was no such thing as an average day at Disney Interactive Studios. Each morning we would be assigned new projects to be completed within the day -which would be worked on alongside longer lasting projects.

 Q: What were the key highlights of your placement?

A: Being involved with a variety of projects and having an influence over the way they developed, receiving a production intern credit on console game Disney Universe and working with the American Disney Interactive Studios team.

Q: What are your personal thoughts on the placement ?

A: The placement was a great way to experience working at Disney Interactive Studios, and to become familiar with the working practices and expectations of an international games publisher. The contacts made and experience gained should prove invaluable when searching for a graduate job. Living in London was a drastic change to living in Scotland and opened my eyes to the volume of creative opportunities available.

Q:  What would be your advice to other students thinking of doing a placement?

A: From my own experience here are my tips to students seeking a placement:

  • - Try to find a paid placement – your time is valuable.
  • - Ensure all application materials are fully completed to a high standard.
  • - Manage your time so that university coursework doesn’t get in the way of applying for a placement. So many students I have    talked to say they would apply but didn’t have the time.
  • - Have confidence in your own abilities.
  • - Finally, don’t be afraid to contact those running placement recruitment if you have any questions.

Further information on Student Placements can be found at our Student Placement page.