Staff Introduction – Michael Crabb – Associate Lecturer

My name is Michael Crabb and I started at RGU on 1st April 2015. As the newest member of staff, I’ve been asked to write a short piece about myself.

I studied Applied Computing at Dundee followed by a PhD as part of the SiDE (Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy) project that explored the use of cognitive characteristics when designing for older adults. This was completed in early 2014 and I then started a Post-Doc position in the same group. I then spent some time working as a Research Scientist with BBC R&D in Salford before returning to Dundee for the first few months of 2015. I think that the best way to sum me up is by saying that I’m not interested in computers; I’m interested in the people that are interested in computers. If that makes sense then you’re one step ahead of me already!

To start with, my teaching at RGU is going to be focused on helping some of the other lecturers in their lab sessions as well as supervising a number of Honours/Masters projects over the year. That’s really about it. I’m the latest addition to the ever growing Dundee contingent (don’t worry – we’re not going to take over…yet) and I look forward to meeting you all over the coming months.