Student Placement Experience – Survitec Viscom – Emma Krawczynska

In our fifth post in our Student Placement Experience series, we speak to Emma Krawczynska who is currently in her 4th year of study in Computing for Graphics & Animation.

Name of Company: Survitec Viscom
Duration of experience: 4 months

Q: What was your key role and responsibilities?

A: Modelling and animating existing project briefs for clients. I had to ensure that the scenes that were needed were properly animated, with the correct equipment (life jacket, suits, helicopters etc.) and rendered so that the editing department could put the scenes together and send to the clients.

Q: What did an average days work consist of?

A: Modelling, animating and rendering scenes. Some days consisted of a company needing their projects rebranded for example, swapping logos on helicopters, modelling improved life jackets etc but mainly completing project briefs, for example completing a script that would be used as part of a helicopter health and safety briefing for a crew going offshore.

Q: What was the key highlights of your placement?

A: I felt at ease from my first day. I was treated as part of the team straight away.

Q: What are your personal thoughts on the placement?

A: I absolutely loved my placement. So much so that I quit my job and am now there 2 days a week until I finish my course, where upon I will be working there full time.

Q: What would be your advice to other students thinking of doing a placement?

A: If you are even thinking about a placement then apply for one. I always knew that I wanted to go on placement but kept putting it off and for no reason other that I was being lazy. Make sure you have an up to date CV so that if one catches your eye you can apply straight away. Create a LinkedIn account and follow some of the companies in charge of placements. And don’t listen to the students that say ‘Oh yes by the first week of my placement I was in charge of the company and without me the system would crash and blah blah’ like I did. That terrified me! Placements really are the gateway to employment after completing your degree, so it’s really foolish to give up that opportunity due to laziness.

Below is some screenshots of my work which I completed during my time at Survitec Viscom.