Talent Exchange Opportunity – Samphire Subsea

Business Name : Samphire Subsea

Samphire Subsea is a subsea engineering consultancy. Samphire was formed in 2011, although trading did not commence until early 2012. The company was established to be a market leading provider of services to the subsea industry sector with particular focus on operated assets in mature basins.

Proposed Project: App Development

As part of Samphire Subsea’s business diversification – they have a prime west end office facility which they are leasing long term. As they have downsized in numbers, they have facilities for meeting rooms, desks and part office suites available that they would like to market for cost price to get an income stream from this unused space.

We are looking to develop an App or set up a facility on our website to make this as flexible but self-service type of booking system.

For further information about this talent exchange opportunity, please contact the team on 01224 262046 or email talentexchange@rgu.ac.uk