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Android Development module and Proxies

This semester the CM3019 module: Programming Mobile Devices was updated to use the Google Android SDK. We also thought an Introduction to Android Mobile Programming would make an interesting workshop for our Recent Applicants Days.   We ran up against a problem when accessing internet resources; namely being behind behind an Internet proxy stopped a […]

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Applicants Day 2012 and Phone Camp - Student Participating.

Preparing for Applicants Day – Part III

So, that’s it. There’s nothing more that we can do. After around a month of organisation (see Part I and Part II) we Have everything ready for our Applicants Days on the 3rd and 7th March. We have had a record number of people registering for the two days this year and plenty of information […]

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Unreal Tournament Competition

Update: Tues 6th March 2012 Daniel Doolan has posted on his blog about the event and has also uploaded some pictures and some video on the CtrlByte blog too:     All we need now are the results, but apparently our staff team didn’t come last as expected.     Monday […]

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Preparing for Applicants Day – Part II

Since my original posting about preparing for Applicants Day, things have moved on quite dramatically. We now have a much more cemented in timetable for our Microsoft visitor. now we have spaces set aside for our lecturers and current student population to meet with a Microsoft representative to see how we can work more closely […]

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