Free Software

These pages are dedicated to online resources where you can download software to aid your studies.

All students in the School of Computing are entitled to access DreamSpark Premium. Dreamspark Premium was previously known as MSDNAA and allows free access to developer tools, operating systems and server applications. Click here to find out more and the link to the dreamspark premium site


Students who are currently being taught using virtual machines can download any of the VMware titles on the webstore free and can also gain access to online VMware training materials. Click here to find out more and the link to the VMAP site

Astah Professional
This year we have added a new product to our software list to replace the ageing Rational Rose licence. This software is called Astah professional and as well as being able to install it on any School of Computing PC, we can offer it to  students for their personal machines too. Click here to find out more about how to obtain your copy.