Lab PC upgrade 2012

As part of our three year cycle to replace PC’s we had a modest update this year of 57 machines. 44 of these were for lab C27/28 in St Andrew Street.


The boxes arrived on Friday 13th January and were hastily unpacked into another lab while the exams were going on. Once the exams were finished then the job of swapping out the old PC’s and putting in the new could begin.. All done with the the latest base Computing Windows 7 build within the week. Now the slow job of putting all the extra software can begin before the lab is required next Monday.



The new PC’s are once again HP, this time the 8200 Elite small form factor box. The Elite 8200 comes with:

an i5 vPro processor

4Gb of memory

250Gb HDD

an Nvidea Quadro graphics card with  512Mb graphics memory.



We were lucky to get these machines on time. With the floods in Thailand late last year there was a big question mark over the availability of the 250Gb hard disks and we were being offered 120Gb SDD’s as an alternative. I was willing to take the space hit to get some super fast boot speeds but HP managed to source the disks in the end we got the HDD’s. Mixed feelings about that but the extra space may well come in handy if we run any virtual PC’s on these desktops this year.