dePICT project I – U18 Ltd

Last July I got the opportunity to take part in a dePICT project. dePICT is an RGU led initiative to support businesses in their ICT product research and development. The following is extracted from their webpage on the website:


  • Our aim is to help you create new and improved products with increased marketability and routes to global exploitation, at the same time building long term relationships with growing companies.
  • We can connect you with experts from three major universities in areas such as cloud computing, cognitive engineering, Artificial Intelligence and video communication.
  • We will work closely with innovative SMEs to undertake initial feasibility studies leading to further R&D funding opportunities


My project was with a Startup company called U18. The company was looking for some help developing a CMS platform that leveraged social media for under 18s. They were looking to set up a site where registered users would contribute content and an editorial team would check these postings before allowing the content to be released.


My role in that project was to develop a feasibility study to produce the following:


  • A background analysis of the of the proposed options 
  • A summary of the options, highlighting pros and cons
  • A recommended way forward  to support U18 core business


Following 10 days of work with the company the final submitted report verified the direction U18 thought they needed to take and went on and were successful in attaining more funding to get the site up and running. Most recently U18 have begun the setup of their new site with a registration page at In a recent twitter conversation with Anthony Gerrard the Managing Director of the company, he was saying that everything was going good, full steam ahead for a 2012 launch and a possible follow on project with RGU!