dePICT project II – Social Media Strategy

I have managed to get myself involved with a second dePICT project. The first project was last year with U18 ltd (Read about it here) and once again I am involved due to my interest in Social Media, this time I am going to be responsible for developing the Social Media Strategy for a local software development company.


The company in question has developed apps for the Mac previously and have recently released their stop motion app for the iPad2 and need to define a strategy for effectively marketing it. In a later posting once I have had a chance to meet the company directors I will reveal more about who they are and what they do.


So far I have my remit which in summary requires me to fulfil the following criteria

  • A brief summary of the companies current social media arrangements
  • A brief summary of company priorities and expectations of social media
  • A user  / market profile
  • A Social Media strategy handbook
  • Recommendations for future development
  • Recommendations for further RGU engagement 
If you want to know more about dePICT then take a look their webpage on the RGU web site.