Microsoft Surface Unboxing

Today the School of Computing / IDEAS Research Institute, Robert Gordon University took delivery of an MS Surface. The video below depicts the unboxing process, the first boot-up and playing around with some of the features including some surfing on bing maps and browsing of the associated imagery. We spent about half an hour unboxing it and just seeing what it can do. You can certainly expect to see it if you visit the School during Applicants day 7th/10th March as well as series of talks and practical workshops. I hope you enjoy the video, I edited the footage together quickly once we powered down the surface for the evening, so this comes to you right off the editing suite, rendered just minutes ago. I am sure that we will spend a good amount of time playing with it tomorrow and over the course of the coming days, weeks & months. You can read some more material about the Surface from here. For more videos from the School of Computing you may visit the Schools Vimeo channel

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

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