Microsoft Windows Phone Camp – 7th March 2012

Microsoft is coming to the Robert Gordon University on Wednesday 7th of March! We want to give you the chance to develop your own phone app to be published on the Windows Phone Marketplace!


Windows Phones really are the next big thing in smartphone technology, and there is no better chance than now to get your apps developed. If you haven’t created or published a Windows Phone app before then we are providing you with all the guidance and software you need, for free.


Firstly, you’ll need to watch our step by step video on how to prepare for the event here:



Can’t see the embedded video? Click here to go to the You Tube site to view the Phone Camp Preparation video.


To prepare for the Windows Phone Camp look at the following useful resources:


Download the tools:


UPDATE 27/02.12:  A lot of you have had problems trying to download the Windows Phone and App hub from, unfortunately the secure download manager doesn’t seem to be able to operate through a proxy. The file that is downloaded is simply a 3Mb stub installer for the 15 other applications it wants to download which comes to around 580Mb in total. If you are having problems but want the installers, you can either bring a DVD/USB to C13/14 and we will burn a copy or you can simply copy it from the C:TEMP folder from any of the machines in C8/23/24 while we deploy it through the lab.


UPDATE 29/02.12: Microsoft now have a direct link to download the ISO image for the Windows Phone SDK… Click here to go the the MSDN faculty blog post and search for the section marked Installing the Windows Phone SDK via ISO and the link is just above there.



Register on Apphub:



Have a look at the blog of Windows Phone app resources:


View the developer Jump Start videos:


Use some new tutorials:



Please follow the steps on the video before the day of the event! As mentioned, the tools are all on Just click on the Windows Phone icon and get downloading by selecting your uni! You’ll get the same tools as professional developers and designers, but without the costs. Once published, you’ll even be able to make money from your apps. We also have have access to Dreamspark Premium here in the School and you can find out more about how to sing up for that here


The event will run from 1 to 6pm in the foundation year lab (C18/23/24), in St Andrew Street and will involve presentations to guide you through:


- Windows Phone API
- Visual Studio
- App templates
- Windows Phone Marketplace


The second half of the Phone Camp will involve a coding session for you to get stuck in. If you impress us (which I’m sure you will!), we’ll be ordering takeaway pizza for you at the end.  And of course there will be giveaways on the day!


Spaces are limited so sign up soon on Eventbrite here:


We look forward to seeing you there!