Preparations for Applicants Day – Part I

The preparations for this years Applicants days on the 3rd and 7th of March 2012 got into full swing today. There is still plenty to organise for the day: organising staff, student helpers, arrange talks, demos and practical workshops.


We needed a guest speaker to come in. I am fortunate to be in touch with Lee Stott (Academic Evangelist at Microsoft UK, responsible for Faculty Connection and MSDNAA within the UK and @lee_stott on twitter) so I asked if there was anything that Microsoft could do for us and it just turns out that he could. Not only are we going to get a speaker to come up to us on the 7th, we are also going to get a Microsoft Phone Camp afternoon for the students. On the Thursday, the speakers are going to return to give us a research seminar on Microsoft Azure, their cloud computing offering.

So far the timetable looks like this:


7th March

11am Presentation to Applications Day

1pm Windows Phone Camp – 6pm


Research Presentation + another event if required

Still a lot more to do but that’s not bad for one days work.


The next step is to get interest in the Phone Camp and trying to organise the Demos and Workshops for both days.