Applicants Day 2012 and Phone Camp – A story in embedded tweets

Update:  Daniel Doolan now has a post with the winners of the Nokia Phones and the apps they built… See that post here

This is how I left things on the Tuesday night… Everything was as organised as it was going to be and there was nothing more to do other than cross fingers that all was actually in readiness.




On my way into work on the day itself, I get a notification from Lee to say he is on his way… I know that there will be someone there to greet him because Daniel Doolan tells me he has been up since 05:30 that morning… Now that is keen.



As I arrive in at St Andrew Street, Lee is already here and Daniel is giving him a tour of the facilities.

I do a last minute walk round to make sure that the labs are ready…



Once happy that everything is going to plan, I head with Daniel and Lee to check out the Microsoft Presentation in the lecture theatre. We did run into some problems with the audio coming from the PC to the speakers creating a distinct buzz but cannot trace the problem but the sound from the mic is Ok so we compromise by hooking the PC up to some smaller speakers for that part of the presentation.



Meanwhile, it’s now 10am and in C08-09, people are starting to arrive and talk to course leaders and students.



At 11am it is time to go the the C47 lecture theatre and hear the talks we have set up for the Applicants. The first talk is an introduction to the School from Ian Allison followed by a placement talk from George Lawie and finishing up with a talk from Microsoft on their role in education.



After the talks, come workshops. We had two of them for applicants to attend, the first was on Android Development and the second one was on Machine Intelligence.



So once done, for us, that’s Applicants Day done and dusted for another year. However the day is not yet done as we have an event for our existing students in the Afternoon; Windows Phone Camp.


Huge turnout for #WindowsPhone #phonecamp @rgucomputing on Twitpic Huge turnout for #WindowsPhone #phonecamp @rgucomputing on Twitpic

#phonecamp at @rgucomputing in full swing great turn out. #wp... on Twitpic


While the students were taking a break from their coding, I popped my head in to see what was happening



It’s 5pm, Pizza time


@rgucomputing #windowsphone #phonecamp 30mins left before piz... on Twitpic

Pizza time @rgucomputing some amazing looking apps presentati... on Twitpic


Some comments from the students on the Phone Camp