iPhone Coursework

Module: CM3065 – Programming the iPhone


For our coursework last semester we were asked to create an app that could serve as a list. The list was to be a shopping list of items, hold at least 10 items and contain certain attributes about each item (name, price, URL etc.).


I decided to make a Christmas shopping list, because it was very close to Christmas. We had covered basic table-view applications in the labs and so a lot of the groundwork for my app was based on that. What was nice about this coursework was that we were given free reign to implement extra features as part of the advanced remit. I added things like the ability to check items off the list, view a webpage associated with the item and add a new item.


The coursework wasn’t without its problems however. Because we had only looked at a tiny snapshot of the capabilities of Objective-c, I had had to come up with ways to make certain things work. One thing that proved particularly difficult was adding a new item to the list, and then having the table update. I’m sure it’s nowhere near as complicated as I made it!


Overall, it was great to have a look at developing for such a popular platform, and I’m hoping to try out some app development in my spare time soon.


Coursework Screenshots