PhD Comics the Movie comes to Aberdeen

Its National Science & Engineering Week with events happening in and around Aberdeen right the way through to the weekend (Sunday 18th March). One can see a full programme of events by accessing this brochure in pdf format. I was delighted to see that PhD Comics the Movie will be screened on Tuesday 13th March from 6pm at the Zoology Lecture Theatre, Tillydrone Avenue (See page 5 of the brochure). Price of entry is £4 & there is no need to book. Should you need directions then a map of the area is accessable at the following link. I would say that this is essential viewing for anybody who is doing research. I am sure many of you have seen and can directly relate to many of the comic strips that are depicted, as they are so true to life in the vast majority of cases. You can read more about the movie from here and can watch the trailer below. w=640&h=360

I had tried bringing it to Aberdeen myself shortly after it just came out with the hope of it being the first screening in Scotland, it however didn’t come to pass. So I am delighted to see that it has finally come to Aberdeen for Science Week and would recommend all those involved in PhD research and anybody considering such a career to go and see this.

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