Lean Investments Summer 2012 App Challenge


Can You Build A Web Or Mobile App This Summer For £10,000?

Do you have a great idea for a web or mobile app? Are you studying computer science?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you may want to enter the Lean Investments Summer 2012 App Challenge.

Lean Investments is a seed investment fund founded by Tim Jackson, one of Europe’s leading venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and tech commentators, with experience on both sides of the Atlantic. The Challenge is designed to encourage young programmers to build interesting projects in their free time over the summer, but also to redress the imbalance with the US, where students are often able to raise money to start their own companies immediately after graduating.

In the contest, you build an application or service – for iPhone, the web or Android (by yourself or with a team we connect you with). The winner gets £10,000 (€12,500) of investment, three months of office space, six mentoring sessions with our founder, and introductions to three seed and venture-capital investors.

This isn’t a business-plan or pitch competition, where the winner is the person with the best slides or the most persuasive presentation.  It’s about *building* something – a simple and quick prototype – that actually works and is useful. Actual users are a bonus, but not required.

If you are due to return to full-time education after the summer, don’t worry – you can still enter. If you win, you can work on your killer app part-time around your studies while we assemble a team of people to help you take it forward.

What if you have a great idea but you’re not a software engineer? Or if you’re a great software engineer, but you don’t have a great idea? Don’t worry. Fill out the form, and we can help you find someone to team up with.

Interested? To register and learn more, please visit  http://www.leaninvestments.com/challenge