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Hi all,

Over the past year I have been taking a serious look at our rather out-of-date site along with members of the support team, and looked to bring that more into the 21st Century. I wanted to get away from the very static site to something that looked a little more dynamic and changing and focused less on the information pages and more on the stories of what it going on in the School by staff and by students… We do a lot of good stuff and it quite often goes without notice. As of earlier this week our new site went live. You can take a look at what has been contributed currently here at: http://wordpressweb.comp.rgu.ac.uk

Our System design is mostly done through Chris Young but we will be looking to keep the look and feel fresh so if you have any suggestions on changes you would like to see or if there is something you can’t find, please get in touch and let us know. We have also tried to make the site responsive; so you should get an appropriately scaled look for viewing on a mobile device, do let us know of any issues you may experience. So far, there seems to be intermittent issues with the menu’s but we are looking at that.

The old site is still there at the moment and likely to stay available till the end of summer when all the information that is on there has been moved to our School pages or hub on the University site.

Here’s some of the most recent postings:

School Prize Giving details: http://wordpressweb.comp.rgu.ac.uk/2012/06/29/school-prize-giving-29-july-2012/ and photographs http://wordpressweb.comp.rgu.ac.uk/2012/07/03/school-prize-giving-june-2012-photographs/

Unlock Your Creativity Showreel: http://wordpressweb.comp.rgu.ac.uk/2012/07/03/unlock-your-creativity-showreel/

For interest to Msc students:

MSc Newsletter June 2012 – http://wordpressweb.comp.rgu.ac.uk/2012/07/02/msc-newsletter-june-2012/

MSc Assessed Lab Timetable Semester 3 - http://wordpressweb.comp.rgu.ac.uk/2012/07/02/msc-assessed-lab-timetable-semester-3/

MSc Party – 30 August - http://wordpressweb.comp.rgu.ac.uk/2012/06/29/msc-party-30-august/

Some events we hosted recently:

School of Computing Hosts Petrochallenge 2012 - http://wordpressweb.comp.rgu.ac.uk/2012/06/28/school-of-computing-hosts-petrochallenge-2012/

Wick High School Visit 21st June 2012 - http://wordpressweb.comp.rgu.ac.uk/2012/06/25/wick-high-school-visit-21st-june-2012/

What we need however is a continual flow of contributions so if you want to get involved to guest write a post then let me know or complete this form here:

Looking for stories on:

    • Placements
    • Courseworks
    • Projects
    • Competitions
    • Visits
    • Anything with a human interest…
    • Discussion points
    • Technology
    • Anything.

We can have people posting themselves or we can post on your behalf… Dont be shy!!

Feel free to share/retweet/reblog/repost as you see fit and while your there give us a follow on our twitter account at http://www.twitter.com/rgucomputing or like us on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/RobertGordonUniComputing

Colin Beagrie
Systems Manager 
The Robert Gordon University
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