RGU Garthdee New Build – Photo Update 15 Aug 2012 Interiors

Nine people visited the site of the New Build at Garthdee this morning, of the nine four were from Computing. We went on a quick tour around the site, unfortunately due to work being carried out we were unable to get up onto the roof of the library tower, however we did manage to climb our way all the way up to the level below the roof. The vast majority of the photographs in the link below are of the main open spaces. One image on level seven of the library tower. The final pair of images show the construction of the floors which are made up of metal panels elevated about up about 12 to 14 inches, as well as one of the computer labs.

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To view the images in greater detail one can access the photo album . To see how the building has evolved over the pasts months one can examine the following link.