Student Placement Showcase – Dash Dot Creations

Following on from our previous placement showcase, this week we speak to Michal Koziatek about his four month summer placement experience working for Dash Dot Creations in Poland.

Q: What was your key role and responsibilities?

A: I was mostly working with on-going projects. First I started doing small things like simple video editing in Adobe Premiere before gradually moving to more technical work like creating animation-ready, fully-textured and rigged 3D cartoon characters. At the very end of my placement I was modeling and texturing game logos. I was provided with concept design done by other artists and I had to recreate it in 3D. After the project was finished I realised how much I have actually learnt during those four months.

Q: What did an average days work consist of?

A: The majority of the projects I was working on were spread out of over a few weeks usually working in small teams, being part of a small team of five was a great way of learning new skills really quickly and I had constant feedback whilst I was working. We also had weekly meetings where I was presenting my work, describing encountered obstacles and receiving comments. The atmosphere in the studio was really chilled out. Depending on the work load, some days we work later to ensure that certain phases of the projects were finished before starting the next phase.

Q: What were key highlights of your placement?

A: During the placement I got a chance to assist with a two-day motion capture session in Alvernia Studios. We were creating character animations for an upcoming iPad game titled ‘Real Boxing’. A few professional boxers were fitted with motion capture suits and then their movements were recorded using the motion capture system. Once all the data was gathered, I was give the task of editing the different hits and punches into animation which then imported into the game engine. I was then tasked with project of creating looping animations and re-animating the boxer’s hands using Autodesk Motionbuilder.

Q: What are your personal thoughts on the placement ?

A: Overall I really enjoyed my placement even though it was on unpaid basis. It was a great opportunity to test out my skills and put them in practice. It also gave me greater picture of what it actually means to be CG artist. It is not as painless as I thought and there is so much to learn. I have learnt that balance between technical and artistic skills is crucial to produce great looking pictures. Being able to work in teams and communicate is another important skill for CG artists.

Q:What would be your advice to other students thinking of doing a placement?

A: Use the resources freely available to you to help you apply.

  • By utilising the resources available to me at RGU, I was able to get help at writing CVs and assistance for preparing me for job interviews.
  • If you are planning to find a job in CG industry create portfolio of your work. Put it online on Vimeo or your webpage. Make sure it’s high quality. At the end of the day that’s the way your employer will assess you so try to make good first impression.
  • Be enthusiastic and creative – No one will hire grumpy person in CG industry

Further information on Student Placements can be found at our Student Placement page.