Student Placement Showcase – Total E&P UK

Following on from our previous placement showcase, this week we speak to Lindsey Thompson about her 14 month Scholarship experience with Total E&P UK.

Q: What was your key role and responsibilities?

A: My key roles and responsibilities varied throughout my placement. The main tasks consisted of:
• Create internal applications with ASP.NET, SharePoint or InfoPath
• Support new and existing applications used around the company
• Intranet updates
• Updates to the Total E&P external websites
• Liaison with other departments regarding upcoming projects and support issues
• Create booking systems and applications for smaller events held around the company

Q: What did an average days work consist of?

A: An average day consisted of working on various different projects, I had been asked to create for other departments with specific deadlines whilst supporting people around the company, attending meetings and other various daily tasks such as Intranet updates. Each day would always be different depending on the priority of work and if any employee had any problems with either – applications, updating their departments area of the Intranet and various other concerns.

Q: What were key highlights of your placement?

A: The key highlights were working on the large projects with various employees in various departments around the company. Some of the projects which were very big gave me a better understanding of the company and business processes as well as getting to meet new people.

Q: What are your personal thoughts on the placement ?

A: The experience gained on my placement year was invaluable. I met a lot of very talented people and was taught a lot by them. I learnt so much in a year working hard on various projects and I felt that my skills improved in such a large fast paced company. With being on placement at Total I now have more of an understanding about the type of work I would like to do once I finish University. It also helped me decide what I would like to produce as a project when I come to Honours year.

Q:What would be your advice to other students thinking of doing a placement?

A:I recommend anyone to think about going on a placement, even if it is for the summer. I feel you learn a lot about your strengths and weaknesses whilst you are learning and adapting to a computing environment in a company. There is so much to learn in the working world as well as from University. If you would like to get a placement it is best to look as early as you can, get in contact with employers even if there is not placement vacancy. By applying to different placements and receiving interviews you will be able to improve on interviewing skills and applying for jobs in the future.