Jason Guthrie Talk – Experiences in the Games Industry

On Friday 15th February we had a visit from one of our Alumni, Jason Guthrie to talk about his experiences in the Game Industry, about starting his own Indie development company and his upcoming game, S.D.G.T. We captured the video and after some editing, it is finally uploaded to Youtube to watch. You can find the Embedded video at the end of the text.

Jasons Main Takeaways from his talk are as follows:

Well my advice to anyone who wants to be a games developer is firstly are you 100% confident it is exactly what you want to do? I truly think anyone has the ability to physically make a game, but making one that people enjoy is something else entirely. To me its something that can only be achieved with passion, about making games not just to make money or a vain attempt to be famous, but because you simply want people to enjoy playing your games or even just to be able to look at it and be proud and say yes, that’s ours, we made that.

As for actually developing games I do have two pieces of advice. Don’t reinvent the wheel and unless its broken, don’t fix it. People have a notorious habit of wanting absolutely everything in the game to be theirs but if you learn where to draw the line and grab work that has already been finished you will save a lot of time and headaches. For programmers there are countless free libraries for things such as physics or lighting to save writing your own. For artists there are asset stores for grabbing generic features such as rock, crates and barrels very cheaply and for audio artists there are of course countless royalty free websites for sound effects.

With this in mind I would strongly recommend any potential developer grabs themselves either a good engine or decent framework since, for programmers especially, half the work is already done for you, it will save you invaluable time in the long run.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7qj-ZJf6qs]