Andi Firdaus – MSc Project

Andi Firdaus - MSc Project - Article

Since embarking on his MSc in Software Technology with Network Management, Andi was determined to put the skills learnt during this course to good use. Having previously worked for the Indonesian Environmental Agency, Andi decided to contribute to the streamlining of the analytical and reporting tasks undertaken by the agency’s researchers.

Each researcher uses a set of locally stored spreadsheets to record data captured by Infra-Red Gas Analysers, embedded in the forests, to calculate and monitor the levels of CO2 emissions. This process was time consuming and error-prone.

Andi’s idea was to develop a database-driven Java-based application that allows researchers to:(i) upload data from data files or input data into the system after undergoing the necessary validations;

(ii) view the data in tabular and graphical format;

(iii) generate various calculations and analyses related to the data; (iv) view/print/export various summary reports.

In the near future, Andi’s plan is to provide a Web interface to his application that allows the agency to share some of the findings with the wider public.