Madhumita Ghosh Ray – MSc Project

Over the next few days, we will be talking to some of our students who have recently completed MSc projects and placements positions with various companies throughout the UK , to get their thoughts and experiences.

Today we  start by speaking to Madhumita Ghosh Ray who has recently secured a full time position with Alpha Micro Systems (AMS), a Dundee-based software company that specialises in Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) solutions, thanks to her MSc Project.

Madhumita tells us more:

“As soon as I finished the taught elements of her MSc Information Engineering, I was offered a part-time position with Alpha Micro Systems (AMS), a Dundee-based software company that specialises in Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) solutions.

As a consequence, I decided to align my job at AMS with the requirements of my MSc project which consisted of developing a Web application, in the form of a dashboard, for vehicle tracking and fleet management. The dashboard permits a visual presentation of a number of useful reports that allow companies to view, for example,

(i) a report on drivers’ behaviours on the road (who has exceeded the speed limit, where, when and for how long);

(ii) a report on a driver’s/vehicle’s mileage (how much relates to business/personal use);

(iii) a vehicle service alert that shows the vehicles in need for servicing, MOT…

The dashboard displays data that can be obtained, through Web services, from GPS tracking devices mounted on the vehicles.”

Madhumita continues by telling us how she became interested in the course and how her overall experience of both RGU and Aberdeen.

Q: What got you interested in this course?

A : When I was planning to start MSc, I always was keen on selecting a course which would cater to the need of the current trends in the Industry. Having worked in the software industry for some time, I had the knowledge on what the most valued skills in this sector are. I found the courses ‘Information Engineering’ and ‘Software Technology’ most suitable to meet this criterion. However, since I had some prior knowledge in developing codes, I was advised to take up Information Engineering as it covers more advanced topics. I am glad that I chose this as this proved to be very beneficial in my job, where I am able to use the knowledge gained in the classroom. To summarise, I thought the subjects Object Oriented Programming, Database and Web Systems Development would be helpful in my targeted career which happened to be so and this was my primary reason for choosing this course.

The second reason would be the opportunity of a placement with a company that the Information Engineering course offered. Apart from the knowledge gained through the classroom lectures, I was also keen on enhancing the same by working on those concepts and technologies for a real world project.

Q: How would you sum up your RGU experience?

A: The overall experience of studying at RGU was excellent. Apart from getting quality lectures from all the respective professors, I enjoyed a very good infrastructure that RGU provided me with during my academic year. I personally used the Library Service and IT services, both of which were very good. Whenever I took any problem to them they were solved with utmost care. The computing labs were also very good in terms of all the facilities it offered. The University newsletters also proved to be beneficial for me, as I got to know about a lot of events and initiatives going around, through it. I wanted to get involved in some extra curricular activities and it was through the newsletter I got to know about the BP Tutoring Scheme which I took up earnestly. I would say that the experience was one of its kind and not to be forgotten. I am thankful to RGU for that. Last but not the least, I would like to mention about the University career fair. Being an MSc student, my personal goal was to land up on a good graduate role in a reputed company and I feel the career fair conducted by RGU helps a lot of its students with that.

Q: How did your course help you in your career?

A: I dreamt of being a Software developer who is capable of conceptualising a good design and implementing the same as well. I found that slowly but steadily I am being able to implement the skills learned in the University into the real life scenario. Even though I work on a .NET environment now, I could implement the basic OOP concepts learnt (with Java as the language) in the classroom. The stored procedures, functions, triggers learnt in the Database class are proving to be helpful on work where I have to write all these. The coding and debugging techniques learned during the labs have also proved to be extremely worthy. I think and feel with this strong technical background it will be easier for me to quickly master the task and climb up the organisational ladder steadily.

Q: How did you find life in Aberdeen?

A: Life in Aberdeen was very peaceful yet happening. The city has a strong network of public transport which made my life easier while commuting around the city. The beautiful beach of the North Sea was at walking distance. Some good food courts, cinema hall and a leisure centre are there which can make the weekends more fun.