Meeting with Codify – Sponsors of RGU Computing’s UIST 2013 Team Entry

Back around early August of this year the UIST 2013 Student Innovation Contest came to the attention of our School. Consequently Dr. Doolan put out a call to see about putting a team together as a result a team of four CS3 students (whom are all presently on a 1 year work placement between their 2nd and 4th years) jumped at the challenge. The student team comprised

Andreea Staicu (Team Lead)
Mishkat Ahmed
Andrew Coates
Redhwan Nacef

The aim of the competition was to develop an innovative system making use of the PumpSpark Fountain Development Kit (FDK) a prototype system developed by Microsoft Research. The kit consists of 8 water pumps and controller that allows one to develop software systems to control the pumps and create some interesting water based interactive systems.

The competition was attended by 30 teams all of whom seemed to be post graduates apart from our RGU Computing Team. Our entry was a Morse Code to Water Jet to Text converter, an example of it in operation may be seen in the video below.

Codify who was kind enough to sponsor the team hold a in-house team meeting every month, hence we took this opportunity to visit them, demonstrate our entry and chat about the event. It also just so happens that Mishkat is carrying out his year’s placement at Codify.

Dr. Doolan, Mishkat Ahmed, Andreea Staicu (Team Lead), Redhwan Nacef, Graeme Humphrey, MD Codify.


Graeme Humphrey, Manager Director, said “We were really proud of how well the team did at the competition this year.   Following the demonstration at our team meeting we were impressed by how they had taken unknown technology and adapted it into an engaging solution”.

Should you wish to see more about the competition and take a look at some 40+ videos showing the other entries then take a look at the following Blog Post on Dr. Doolan’s wordpress site. You can see further videos and pictures of the entry taken at RGUCompSoc’s first meeting of the year (Blog Post 1, Blog Post 2).