Social Sensor Project

This week, staff from Robert Gordon University will represent the University’s Institute of Innovation, Design and Sustainability (IDEAS) group at ICT2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania. This is part of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe where more than 5000 researchers,entrepreneurs, industry representatives, young people and politicians will meet to showcase their research and innovation.

RGU researchers will be demonstrating a prototype tool developed as part of the SocialSensor project, which analyses social networks such as Twitter to discover news topics and related multimedia resources. They have been working closely with professional journalists to make sure that the tool focusses on the needs of modern multimedia newsrooms.

Journalists want a tool that rapidly brings important news to the surface by combining information from several sources. They want to be able to rapidly verify whether sources and information is reliable. The SocialSensor prototype helps achieve this through filtered crawling of social networks, automated topic detection, multimedia indexing and context-aware search.

Prototype systems have been produced for iPhone and iPad as well as a generic browser version for desktop use.

Further information on the project can be found at the following URL’s:


ICT 2013: