Call for Industry-Inspired Computing/IT Masters Projects

Students on all of our MSc programs ( undertake a (preferably industry proposed) project. The benefits of industry-inspired projects are that:

• Companies are able to explore ideas which they would, otherwise, not pursue. For example, a project may include a feasibility study and the construction of a prototype.

• Students address a “real” problem instead of an academic one.

The student normally undertakes the project work at Robert Gordon University and communicates with a representative from the company who acts as the “client” for the project. The student is assigned an academic supervisor from the School of Computing and Digital Media who provides day-to-day supervision.

This is an excellent opportunity to work with a highly-committed student, working on a Computing/IT topic of specific interest to your company, with a minimum commitment of agreeing to provide some input at a supervisory level and meeting with the student periodically through the project period.

We are currently looking for MSc project proposals from industry. Ideally, we would like proposals to reach us by 20 December 2013 (see below for contact details).

MSc Project

The MSc project involves two stages:

• Project Investigation: during which the student will research the background of the topic, analyse the problem (including any legal, ethical and social issues) and investigate suitable technologies for the implementation of a solution. The student then creates a full project specification and project plan. The student delivers a report in which he critically appraises the problem and justifies his project decisions (e.g. techniques to be used). Indicatively 150 hours of effort by the student [~4 weeks full time equivalent].

• Project Implementation: during which the student will design, implement, test, evaluate, document and demonstrate an IT solution for the problem. The deliverables include the software developed, a report which documents the whole project and a demonstration of the software. Indicatively 450 hours of effort by student [~12 weeks full-time equivalent].

The student typically meets with their academic supervisor once a week, and would meet the industrial advisor as required throughout the investigation and implementation stages.

Examples of projects

Students undertake a wide variety of projects. Examples of recent project titles include:

• Authentication, Authorisation, and Accounting (AAA) in a multi-site enterprise environment

• A user interface testing application to track and log user-generated events

• Application of CBR to project planning for oil well construction projects

• Using speech recognition to categorise files

• A cloud-based administration system

• A secure 802.11 infrastructure with Radius, 802.1x, and EAP

• Optimizing routing protocol selection for a wide area network

• Intelligence decision support system for competence assurance

• Managing the Alpha fleet

• Detection and clustering of influencers in twitter

• Using computers to generate music

• Android app: assistive technology for patients with Alzheimer’s

• Delivery tracking system

• A case-based reasoning system for the recommendation of visualisation techniques for data

• Evolvable rosters

• Database system for C02 research in forestry in Indonesia

• Web-based project planning tool

• An optimisation toolkit for the modelling and simulation of Oil and Gas installations.

• An electronic multimedia safety case manual

• Soft real-time data viewer using WITSML

• An access control framework for BitTorrent

Contact us

If you, or your company would like to suggest a project, please email us a 1⁄2 page description or your idea (ideally by 20 December 2013).

If you would like to find out more or to discuss an idea, please email, phone or write to us. Our contact details are as follows:


Phone: Any of the members of the postgraduate team below:

• Hatem Ahriz - 01224 262787

• Ines Arana -  01224 262716

• David Lonie -  01224 262705


Postgraduate Team, School of Computing Science and Digital Media, Robert Gordon University, Riverside East , Garthdee Road, Aberdeen AB10 7QJ, Scotland, UK

Download a pdf version of the above information at the following link:

MSc I.T. Project Opportunities for Industry