Placement within the School of Computing and Digital Media – blog 2

So this is my second addition to my ongoing blog about my placement within the School of Computing and Digital media, I was initially planning on making more frequent posts I personally feel that it would be better to make a more substantial post every few months as opposed to a large number of smaller posts.

I have assisted at two open days which have occurred this year, the first open day occurred during on Wednesday the 2nd of October and Saturday then 2nd of November. On the first open day I redid the demo of the photo-mosaic activity from techfest, this didn’t seem to get the potential future students particularly interested as the activity was designed to be aimed at a younger audience. I also assist in disassembling the jib which is quite impressive when it is fully built with the camera attached. During the second open day the photo-mosaic demo did not occur, I was mainly focussed on distributing a large number of iPads to be used in one of the activities that would be ongoing during the open day and distributing a number of cameras which would be used to record the events of the day. I was also going to take part in an activity involving the quadcopters however this was cancelled due to bad weather (didn’t seem like the best idea to take out the quadcopters in the rain/wind).

Since the move from St Andrews street to Garthdee there has been an ongoing effort to allow students to access a more impressive green room than was previously available. There is currently a room at the Grays school of art which has been designated as a Green room to be used by both computing and art students, when compared to the previous room that students had access to it is quite impressive and looks like a room that could be used by a professional studio. I have visited the Green room numerous times during the ongoing process to make to available to students and documented some of the improvements made to the room. Currently the Green room has finally become available to students, the latest(and final) piece of work to occur in the green room was the installation of two lights and the reprogramming of the panel which controls the lighting in the green room. Now that the green room is available and fully functional students will be able to book the room through the computing system admin team in person or online(though either way students will have to collect a key to access the room from N425). Also when the Green room starts to regularly be used by students it will also be my job to check the room to see if it or any of the equipment within has been damaged.

Currently within the School of Computing and Digital media students have the option to hire out various pieces of equipment to assist them with their coursework, currently the amount of digital media equipment is set to increase as SCDM is looking to expand further into the area of digital media. Currently all equipment that has been booked out has been recorded in a paper based system, I have made some changes to the sheet which booked out equipment has been recorded on however the decision has been made to move from a paper based system to an electronic one. After some research into which piece of software would be most suited to accommodate the need to allow equipment to be booked out we came across a piece of software called ‘Booking point’. ‘Booking point’ is currently being used within the business school and after a short meeting with a staff member from the business school it was decided that ‘Booking point’ would be a great asset to the system. Currently the software has been purchased however we have yet to acquire the required hardware to set up the booking point system, hopefully the system will be up and running before the start of semester two.

Towards the end of the year I was made aware of too projects that I will be involved in. Firstly the Renderfarm(which is currently based at St Andrews) is due an upgrade, I have thouroughly read through all the documentation that Thinkbox software(the company which creates the Renderfarm software) provides online. I have learnt that to upgrade from the university’s current version of the software will require all previous software to be uninstalled and the new version of each related piece of software to be installed in its place. Currently myself and another member of the support team are attempting to arrange a meeting between ourselves and the lecturers/staff members who will require use of the software to find out what requirements they will have and what they know about the current state of the Renderfarm. In addition I will be involved in upgrading the software which is currently installed on the motion capture system down at the green room, I have attempted to find documentation online for this system however it seems to be unavailable online and we will have to wait until after we have bought the software to gain access to the documentation. Now the Christmas/New year break is out of the way, I will be taking a closer look at the current system and what the requirements for the new system will be.

That concludes the second part of my blog, if you read this far I hope you found it mildly interesting. The next post will probably be up in a few months so until then goodbye!