Staff Introduction – Jay Lytwynenko – Digital Media Assistant.

“So, I have been asked to introduce myself seeing as I have just joined you all here at RGU as a member of staff, hopefully I can give you a little bit of insight on my background and spark interest in those
wanting to follow a similar path.

My name is Jay and I am going to be a full time member of staff in the Creative Media department as the teaching assistant. The reason I have joined RGU is purely because with my experience and creative
background, I believe I can do a lot of good here and hopefully my colleagues agree!

I have had a lengthy artistic education. I have done A-levels in Graphics, Media and Art & Design – then moved onto a diploma in Art & Design and Life Drawing. After this I achieved my BA (Hons) in
Animation at Glyndwr University and worked as a freelance artist for a few years before achieving my Masters in Professional Games Development at The University of Abertay and entering into the games industry.

I have worked as an artist in the games industry for almost 5 years and during that time, I have worked for a few different companies before spending almost 3 years at a mobile games development company. I
have worked on several shipped titles as well as having worked on some games still currently in development and several prototypes. (Sometimes games just don’t quite make it!)I have also worked closely with a local college to create a ‘Games Art’ course in order to help students grasp an understanding for the creative industry and what it demands of potential employees. The course
included me setting an industry brief as well as writing specific module content to push
the creativity of the students and their professionalism.

So as you can probably see – I am very biased towards the artistic and creative side of this industry, but I also apply my creative skills into my professional technical work and make full use of 3D software such as Maya, Mudbox and Zbrush. I also use Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator for my concept work and texturing. I have used Premier and After Effects for my motion work in combination with Flash and I have extensive experience in the Unity games engine. I also have experience with a good amount of other industry level software and in-house specific tech. Bearing this in mind – I am here to be a mentor to those who want to really reach their full creative potential, push your ideas further, help develop them and bring an industry level of quality to your work ­ this goes for those of you who may not be very artistic as well as those of you who are. If you have a good idea, we can go anywhere
from there.

That’s my introduction aside, if anyone is interested in the games industry and animation, even graphic design or the technical side, then I am always here to chat to and ask questions. You can find me in Digital Media room N427 and are always welcome to come and have a chat with me about anything
you think my skills can help you with.”