Guest lecture by Dr Ian Watson

“Alan Turing and the Artificial Brain” – Guest lecture by Dr Ian Watson Associate Professor at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Dr Ian Watson is an Associate Professor within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland. His career has involved the practical application of many areas of Artificial Intelligence research. Alan Turing, the British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher and computer scientist, was intrigued by the operation of the
human brain and what it can accomplish. When computers became available he was intrigued by the relationship between brains and computers, and in 1950 he published a paper entitled ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’ that is widely regarded as the foundation of the field of Artificial Intelligence.

This lecture will explore the concept of intelligence and look at arguments from both sides of the philosophical debate claiming that Artificial Intelligence is or is not achievable. With examples from the past and present, including current research, Prof. Watson will also look at the impact that Artificial Intelligence will have in the future and the profound bearing it is likely to have on our society.

To register your attendance at the lecture, which is free to attend, please visit:

Tuesday 7 October 2014
6pm to 7pm
Riverside East, Conference Suite, Garthdee campus, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen