RGU:RAG and Childreach International – Student Opportunity

RGU:RAG and Childreach International are currently recruiting volunteers for its three remaining challenge and volunteering events; The Big Build volunteer Tanzania, India on Two Wheels and Trek the Great Wall.  Each event will help fundraise for Childreach International a children’s charity who aim to empower children to unlock their full potential in life by breaking down the barriers that prevent them from living as they should. These three fantastic opportunities have a huge range of benefits listed below. A representative from Childreach International offices (based in London) will be at the RGU refreshers fair on February 5th 2015 and also hosting an information meeting directly after at 3:30pm in FOHSC H407.

For more information contact tara.murphy@childreach.org.uk or visit https://www.facebook.com/childreachaberdeen

It’s a fantastic opportunity to:

· Boost your CV as you learn lots of amazing skills from fundraising for this challenge. According to time bank/ reed survey of 200 leading UK businesses – 73% of employers would employ a candidate with volunteer experience over one without.

· Make lots of new friends (We currently have over 70 students on our teams and are looking for a few more friends to join us – however there are limited spaces).

· Great for those wanting to go into careers working with children, teaching or the charity sector, this is a great way to learn more and gain immense skills,

· See another part of the world and learn about international development.

· Really experience a different culture- language, food, music, stories as you spend time with people who live in the country and have superhero guides to help you!

The three opportunities are :

The Big Build Tanzania – a two week international volunteering opportunity where students live and work within the local community helping with school improvement projects.

India on Two Wheels – a 22 day adventure cycling almost 600km across India ending at the majestic Taj Mahal, while in India participant will get to visit a Childreach International project.

Trek the Great Wall – This culture adventure take participants from the exciting city of Bejing along the historical Great Wall of China, staying in local guest houses participants will get to soak in all China has to offer!