RGU Hack!


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We are up and running and this time it is going to be big:)

RGU is organizing an RGU Hackathon where you will have chance to compete with students (90+) from other universities. 24 hours of endless hacking to come up with something awesome and impressive. And of course everything is absolutely FREE, including tons of food, snacks and drinks…The most exciting part is:

There will be prizes (hint hint iPad, Raspberry Pi eg.) and you will have a chance to impress and talk to some of our great sponsors(TBC but we are planning to get names like Microsoft, J.P. Morgan on board)!!!

Bellow are all the links that you need. If you are not interested, sign up anyway and we believe we will convince you in the next few weeks that this is something for you too.

We are on Twitter @RGUHack (https://twitter.com/RGUHack)

And we also have a beautiful page:  http://www.rguhack.uk/

Let’s make ‪#‎RGUHack‬ happen:)