A fireside chat with (2/3 of) your First Year Co-ordinators

As two-thirds of the First-Year Coordinating team (a.k.a. JAM), we thought we’d put a twist on the classic “staff introduction”.  If you have any good questions, feel free to Tweet using the hashtag #askyourfyc

MZ: I’m Mark
AS: And I’m Angela.

Q: Give us a bit of background: who are you, and where are your from?

AS: I’m Angela, originally from Halifax in Nova Scotia (read Canada). Back home, “winter” is synonymous with -20 degrees C and 2 metres of snow.  Summers hit +20s, so Aberdeen is quite moderate.

MZ: I’m originally from Malta (yes, I love Maltesers), but have lived in Dundee for the last ten years. Dundee and Aberdeen seem to have completely different weather cycles, making my drive home interesting (Dundee can be snowed in one day, whilst Aberdeen’s boasting record sunshine).

Q: Do you enjoy being part of the FYC team?

AS: Obviously… as the first years rock!  While some of you have hidden from my camera as I’ve stalked the labs (not naming any names!), it has been fun getting a glimpse of your enthusiasm and energy.

MZ: And we get to provide you with doughnuts. That’s always fun.

Q: What’s your favourite food?

MZ: For me, it has to be pizza (pepperoni and olives), with profiteroles for dessert.

AS: Anything spicy – the spicier the better. Right now, I’m thinking Thai food. Or Mexican. Followed by anything chocolate – preferably dark.

Q: Do you have any crazy travel stories?

AS: A few. I lived on a boat for five years and spent two of those crossing the Pacific.  Good times…

MZ: I spent ten days travelling around Europe on trains. We managed to stop in twelve countries – which I thought was quite an impressive feat.

Q: If you could instantly teleport anywhere in the world, where would it be?

MZ: I’d go to Croatia for breakfast, Italy for lunch, and then the Maldives for über-relaxation.

AS: I’d probably go back to Niue – it’s a Pacific island with caves and coral reefs you can walk to. Can we do more than one place? If so, I’d probably follow this by a churros y chocolate in Spain. Then bungee jumping or zorbing in New Zealand to relax.

Q: One last question: what do you do in your down-time?

AS: Silliness with my kids: anything from sailing, biking or hiking, really.

MZ: I switch on my games console of the moment (currently a tie between a PS4 and the Wii U), or get stuck in a really good book.

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