MSc Project Management Students take to the skies.

At the end of February, MSc Project Management students, Piotr Ozlanski, Jean-David Pantel and Frances Rentoul took part in the 2015 AOM Project Scotland Challenge.  Their task was to raise money for charity in an innovative manner.

The team, aptly named “Big Dreamers”, decided they would launch a weather balloon into the atmosphere, capturing the ascend on camera.  In exchange for donations, the public got the chance to write a dream down on a paper tag. This “dreamtag” was then attached to the weather balloon and sent up into the stratosphere whereupon reaching an altitude of 21,000 metres the balloon burst, scattering the dreams to the universe.

All donations from the dreamtags were then donated to a chosen charity, with the team choosing a charity called Dreams Come True; a charity which fulfils the dreams of children with terminal and life limiting conditions. Further information on the charity can be found at : Dreams Come True

Various departments throughout RGU helped the team complete their task by providing access to specialist equipment. From the launch of the balloon to the final footage of it bursting, filming equipment was donated by the media team at Aberdeen Business School.  In order to capture the launch from the air, specialist equipment was required so the team turned to the School of Computing Science and Digital Media.

Piotr and Jean-David were then put in contact with Chris Young, who provided the training and use of a Phantom Quadcopter to capture the ariel shots.  During their time with Chris, they learned how to set up the drone’s gps, how to pilot the drone and gained an understanding of the safety regulations required when using the drone. At the end of the training, Piotr and Jean-David completed an assessment to show that they had fully understood all the steps required in piloting the drone.

The balloon was released in Aviemore, with the team tracking the balloon via a GPS transmitter attached to the Go Pro camera used to capture the footage, at 21,000 metres the balloon burst scattering all the dreamtags, with the Go Pro falling to earth.  Using a GPS finder, the team were able to retrieve the Go Pro camera from a field in Dunecht, Aberdeenshire.

Some still captures from the camera’s can be seen below.  Well done guys, a great project for a fantastic charity.

kosmos3 kosmos4 kosmos5 IMG_4313 takeoff