SIE Young Innovator’s Challenge – Mini Hackathon

SIE Young Innovator’s Challenge - Mini HackathonYou are invited to participate in the SIE Young Innovator’s Challenge – Mini Hackathon

Download all details in this PDF –  RGU-MiniHackathon-2015

Friday Evening MeetupFriday 13th March from 17:00 to approx 19:00 in N204, Riverside East. This meetup will be to hear about the challenges, get into teams, and start some brain storming exercises, & find out where to find the venue for Saturdays Hackathon Session.

You may find Page 23 of the Riverside East House Manual ( useful in finding N204. Located on Level 2 of the Library Tower.

Saturday Hackathon Event: Saturday 14th March from 09:00 to 21:00, to take place at Elevator, The Hub, Aberdeen Energy Park.

Signup Now: by emailing Chibuzor ( – if you’re 100% certain that you will participate.

More Info:
Chibuzor Anyameluhor  ( Information Engineering) & Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) Informatics Intern has been buzy over the past weeks to organise this event & asked me to inform you about it. If you know of anybody interested in helping out / sponsoring this event please do let Chibuzor know.

The Hackathon is based on the SIE’s Young Innovator’s Challenge which is centered around

  • Health care and Well being
  • Green and Sustainable Energy
  • Smarter Communities and Infrastructure.

The Hub has been kind enough to offer its space / staff / security / Internet Connectivity / Tea / Coffee / iPads for the duration of the event free of charge.

Come along an be in with a chance of being on the winning teams / winning some prizes!

Detailed Location Info:
Elevator, The Hub, Aberdeen Energy Park
Exploration Drive, Aberdeen. AB23 8GX.
Google Map (

Note: The closest Number 1 / 2 bus stop is on North Donside Road ( – this about 15 minutes of a walk from the venue.

The Hub is very close to the AECC (about 4 minutes walk from where the bus X40 stops).
A good number of car parking spaces should also be available at the venue.

An image of The Hub may be seen on page
2 (
You can also see a plan view of the venue -  top left of page 4 (