Staff Introduction – Chris McDermott – Lecturer.

As the newest member of the school I have been asked to provide a short introduction about myself…. so here goes.

My name is Chris McDermott and I started here at RGU on 16th February 2015.

I studied Business and Computing at Northumbria University and completed a thesis on the potential impact of the Millennium Bug.  On the back of this research I was offered a Project Management post at Scottish & Southern Energy to jointly manage their internal Y2K project with Cap Gemini. Following the turn of the millennium, when as feared, aeroplanes didn’t fall out of the sky, computers cease to function or toasters blow up, I left in pursuit of new challenges.

I eventually took up a teaching post in Dundee where I have taught in both Further and Higher Education for the last 12 years as Senior Lecturer and Course Leader.

During this time I was involved in a number of European projects (Connect & Leonardo Di Vinci) which undertook to improve support and sustainability for SMEs. I liaised on a national level to establish a digital repository (Jorum) to share learning materials throughout the FE sector. Finally I jointly managed a project (BlendEd) which was tasked with producing a teaching model to modernise teaching and curriculum delivery within the FE sector.

My main teaching area and research interests revolve around computer networks, communication and security, with a particular interest in Cisco Routing, Switching and Security.

I enjoy exploring new and exciting teaching methods and modes of delivery, through the use of online Lectures, Virtualisation, and cloud based solutions.

I currently sit next to John Issacs who also likes to “play” with computer bits and toys (in the name of research), so please stop and say hello if you are passing.