Talent Exchange Opportunities

Final roundup of this weeks Talent Exchange opportunities. Six different projects, encompassing branding, website design, elearning material, animation and mobile app development.

Project 1: Guild of Burgesses

The Guild of Burgesses dates back to the early 13th century and it has been an integral part of the City Council for more than 700 years.  The Guild has played a considerable role in the development of Aberdeen.  Collectively and individually they act as ambassadors and help further the promotion of the city.

Proposed Project:  Refresh of the website.  The website is currently static and out of date.  They want to retain their members’ area on the site and functionality to email all Burgesses.


Project 2: Aberdeen for a Fairer World

Formerly known as the Third World Centre, Aberdeen for a Fairer World is a registerd Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  Their mission is to educate and enable people in the North East of Scotland to take action to create a fairer world. Their main activities extend across various sectors of the community in the NE including:

- Being a key player in the local Fair Trade movement, involved in the local Aberdeen Fairtrade City steering group, engaging with businesses and other bodies to promote the use of fair trade, organising NE events and producer visits, and liasing with national campaign bodies.

- Bringing together local interested organisations enabling a programme for Aberdeen One World Week events.

- Running a successful local education centre.  The Montgomery Development Education Centre whose staff currently work with local education departments, schools and teachers to build meaningful andeffective Global Citizenship and Learning for Sustainability content and practive within the Curriculum for Excellence in NE schools.

Proposed Project:  Having recently rebranded their overall organisation from Third World Centre to Aberdeen for a Fairer World, they now need:

- new branding, including logo

- a new main Aberdeen for a Fairer World website with a public area and a members’ area.  Their existing site (which itself needs upgrading) covers only the activities of the development education section of the organisation, the Montgomery Development Education Centre.


Project 3: Elaine Manley

Freelance trainer delivering training, coaching and coach training to a variety of sectors.  This includes accredited courses as well as badged programmes.

Proposed Project :  The coach training programme offered, accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management ( under graduate level 5)  is currently delivered  on a classroom basis. In order to offer this to a wider audience there is a need to develop this as a blended programme, most likely 2 days classroom and 3 days elearning (potentially 5 days elearning in due course). The project involves creating an elearning platform and content with the required capability.  This could involve a mix of existing off the shelf and bespoke software. Whilst not proscriptive, it is anticipated that the spec would include:

-Lectures, powerpoint, voiceovers
-Live remote filming of coaching  skills being put into action for observation and assessment purposes
-Mobile device enabled
-A platform that is flexible and easy to use as content will be continually updated


Project 4: Bookcade.com

New business start up. Setting up a web and app based business, aimed at authors who self publish. Focused on bringing the services of a traditional publishing house  to the current eBook market, as well as being an e-commerce platform for selling finished eBooks.

Proposed Project:  The potential project involves design and creation of a website and connecting apps for both Apple and android operating systems. More detail is given in the project overview document available from the Talent Exchange team. This appears to be fairly large and complex project, it could be broken down into a range of smaller projects, 2 areas were identified – the core website and the apps.


Project 5: Aberdeenshire Council

While potholes are not a thrilling subject matter, people love to complain about them! And this means that the media also like to write about them, which can have a negative impact on Aberdeenshire Council’s reputation.  The Council wants to produce a video to convey how easily they can form (even on well-maintained roads), thus highlighting the need for members of the public to report them to achieve speedy repairs. This video will appear on the council’s website, YouTube channel, social media platforms, and could potentially generate local and national media coverage. The Council currently has 13.8K followers on Twitter and 2.6K likes on Facebook. They could also offer a testimonial for the animator’s own website/blog etc.

This is a great opportunity for animators to showcase their work to a national audience, as well as gaining experience in working in partnership with local government.

Proposed Project:  The aim is to produce a short animated video (1-2 minutes) possibly using stop motion that explains the freeze/thaw cycle and how it leads to the formation of potholes. The style required is a clean, polished, simple animation that appeals to a wide audience.  The Council is open to suggestions about what materials are used – plasticine, digital, block-colour drawings, cartoons etc. There will need to be a very clear agreement about this.  The format will be need to be suitable to upload to YouTube.

The Council has the  resources to work closely with the chosen animator(s) – regular meetings and catch-ups will be essential.


Project 6: Fit for Future : RGU

The Healthy Universities initiative, ‘Fit for the Future’ was launched on 30th April 2013.  The aim of the programme is to engage both staff and students in a number of ways to ensure a high standard of health and wellbeing across the campus.

Proposed Project:  Development of a Fit for the Future app to track fitness levels.


For further information about these talent exchange opportunities, please contact the team on 01224 262046 or email talentexchange@rgu.ac.uk