Talent Exchange Opportunity – DCSL D-Comms Scotland Ltd

Business Name : DCSL D-Comms Scotland Ltd

DCSL is a specialist “end-off-asset-life” consultancy operating within the energy sector, providing programme management consultancy to Operators and Contractors undertaking decommissioning of infrastructure, both onshore and offshore.

Proposed Project:  Communications Network

DCSL would like a student to assist them with the creation of a fully linked and flexible internal and external electronic communications network that can be accessed both in the office and remotely. The company works with a network of contractors and recently expanded to bring on two new associates and therefore it is very important that they are able to communicate effectively. Currently the new associates are not set up in the system and the company email can only be accessed by the owner at their home office which is an issue as he often works from a hot desk in the city centre. What the owner would like is a user-friendly, possibly cloud-based system of connecting with his associates and network of contractors and file sharing from his home office and hot desk. The chosen student would have the opportunity to work within a small business in the energy sector. DCSL are also willing to offer a financial incentive for this work.

For further information about this talent exchange opportunity, please contact the team on 01224 262046 or email talentexchange@rgu.ac.uk