Student Story: Kieran Soutter – BSc (Hons) Computing Application Software Development


I never thought I was “good enough” for university. When I took my Highers, I was told by my teachers to take fewer intensive subjects and was informed to drop out at 16. I dropped out, worked a fast-food job for a couple of months and realised I wanted to further my education in something I actually cared about. The HNC in computing was perfect for me as it allowed me both figure out what I liked and disliked about computing and then specialise in my preferred subject for my HND. I really liked programming and the freedom that developing software entails.

Originally, I planned to use my HND to join the armed forces, but was informed that this was not possible just three days before the CASD application deadline. I sent my application and after passing my graded unit I was enrolled into the course.

In my experience, the Computing: Application Software Development course is an amazing course. I’m learning both technical and theoretical knowledge in a perfectly balanced combination, where technical challenges are done after clear explanations of the theories. With my found passion for the course, I decided to become a Class Representative which has been a fulfilling role.

The first time I went into the University was during the coronavirus pandemic so naturally I was quite anxious, but I was immediately greeted and quickly found out that the university is a safe and healthy learning environment. I have so far enjoyed the conversations (both online and through in person workshops) that I have had with my lecturers as they are both informative and deeply interesting.

Personally, my favourite part about the university is the interesting architecture and the sense of home I have found within the campus grounds.