Robert Gordon University Student Innovation Challenge

Two months ago, I participated in a Robert Gordon University Student Innovation Challenge in partnership with Wood. We were tasked with developing new ways in which Wood can attract, recruit and retain diversity in an inclusive workforce.

Wood are committed to creating a more diverse culture, with the purpose of this session being to consider ideas for implementation from RGU students who represent a variety of backgrounds.

Before the event, each participant was encouraged to upload a short introductory video about themselves to FlipGrid. Other than this, each member of my team was a complete stranger which was as challenging as it was engaging. The event ran for around four hours, which is a relatively short period of time to brainstorm ideas and get them into a presentable format. However, having such a short window encouraged the flow of ideas and resulted in some really interesting and educational pitches from each group.

My team was incredibly diverse; not only through nationality, ethnicity and gender but also in the broad range of views that were presented and discussed. Our role in the event was to design the ideal recruitment and on-boarding journey for a new Wood employee. This was presented to senior management from Wood who were very receptive to the ideas that we had and challenged them with thought-provoking questions.

At the end of the session, the representatives from Wood discussed the presentations in private and selected their favourite pitch – the winning team receiving £250 worth of Amazon vouchers. Enticing prize aside, everyone who participated in this Student Innovation Challenge left with a better understanding of what diversity and inclusion really is and experienced first-hand why it is so important in a working environment,

It was great to hear the views of participants from different backgrounds and I learned a lot to help me modernise my own understanding of diversity and inclusion. Thank you to the hosts of the event and everyone who participated!


Shaun Lennon, BSc (Hons) Computer Science