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ATA: Analogies: from Theory to Applications

The purpose of this workshop is to explore both foundational and applicative aspects of analogical reasoning by bringing together AI researchers of various fields such as case-based reasoning, machine learning, cognitive psychology, knowledge representation, discovery, and reasoning, as well as industrial practitioners with real-world data and applications.

Organisers: Fadi Badra (LIMICS, FR), Miguel Couceiro (LORIA, FR), Esteban Marquer (LORIA, FR), Pierre Monnin (Orange Labs, FR)

BEAR: Beyond Attribute-Value Case Representation

The BEAR workshop is planning to discuss research work, CBR applications, and systems where typical attribute-value case representations reach their limits and complex case representations such as object-oriented, textual, graph-structured, time-oriented (time series), hierarchical or hybrid representations need to be used.

Organisers: Lukas Malburg (TU, DE), Lisa Grumbach (DFKI, DE), Maximilian Hoffmann (TU, DE), Stefania Montani (UPO, IT), Alexander Schultheis (DFKI, DE), Christian Zeyen (DFKI, DE)

TMG: Text Mining and Generation

Digital text data is produced across different sources such as social media. Simultaneously, very often only structured data is available. Within CBR, cases of the former are usually handled by using methods of Textual CBR, while Process-Oriented CBR addresses on the latter type of data. By leveraging their generic research origins, i.e., text mining and text generation approaches, we aim to diminish this gap. The target of text mining is to extract (useful) structured information from unstructured text. In contrast, text generation attempts to (automatically) create text from structured information or distributed knowledge. The goal of the TMG workshop is to bring these two perspectives together by eliciting research paper submissions that aim for applying text mining and generation approach in the context of CBR. We welcome any submission from any domain aiming to contribute to to close this gap.

Organisers: Mirko Lenz (TU, DE), Lorik Dumani (TU, DE), Premtim Sahitaj (TU, DE), Jordan Robinson (UOL, GB)

XCBR: Case-Based Reasoning for the Explanation of Intelligent Systems

The 5th XCBR Workshop is aiming to provide a medium of exchange for information about trends, research issues, and practical experiences in the use of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) methods for the inclusion of explanations to several AI techniques (including CBR itself).

For this purpose, the XCBR workshop is intended to have a structure of activities that helps an exchange of ideas and interaction, suited to highlight the main bottlenecks and challenges, as well as the more promising research lines, for CBR research related to the explanation of intelligent systems.

XCBR'23 includes a contest on explicability using CBR sponsored by the european project iSee. This challenge consists on several tasks related to generating explanation experiences and applying case-based explanation solutions to machine learning black-boxes.

Organisers: Juan A. Recio García (UCM, ES), Belén Díaz Agudo (UCM, ES), Chamath Palihawadana (RGU, GB)

Workshop dates
Proposal Submission: February 28th, 2023
Proposal Notification: March 14th, 2023
Paper Submission: June 2nd, 2023
Paper Notification: June 16th, 2023
Camera Ready Copy: June 26th, 2023
Workshop Timing: July 17th, 2023