Chroma Key and Motion Capture Suite (Green Room)

Our state-of-the-art Green Room is in the Garthdee House Annex building. The space of the green screen room is approximately 50 sq. ft, and has three walls which have been fitted with infinity curves so that there are no visible horizontal lines when filming.  To overcome the problem of wires trailing across the floor, nine retractable ceiling mounted power cubes have been installed, which can be hidden out of sight when filming widescreen shots.

All lighting is keyed to standard daylight temperatures. Fixed ceiling lighting provides both general room illumination and lighting on the primary green screen surfaces and are controlled from a touch screen panel. Additional lighting is supplied of a selection of Coolite 9 and Coolite 655’s providing the equivalent of over 6000 watts.

Also included within the room is permanent railing fixtures for a 3D motion capture system (12 camera OptiTrack Flex 13 setup), these rails will allow the capture sensors to be permanently mounted and will reduce the amount of time required to setup the system in the future.

The accompanying Arena motion capture software allows for both body and prop capture and rigid body capture and data is saved out and imported into Motionbuilder for further development.

The back of the room contains a storage area which will be used to store some of larger filming equipment and the motion capture system.  The storage area is hidden by a green screen curtain, thus allowing users to film in almost 360 degrees.

The School Office team manages the bookings for the room and the support team any media hire and the maintenance of the facility. When SA48 is not booked for teaching, it is available for other schools who also require similar facilities.