Current Research Students

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Research Student Title Supervisors Publications
Adamu Ali-Gombe Learning from small and imbalanced datsets of images using generative adversarial networks Eyad Elyan OpenAIR@RGU dblp
Akinola Ogunsemi Holistic, data-driven service and supply chain optimisation John McCall, David Corsar, Benjamin Lacroix
Anjana Wijekoon Reasoning with Multi-modal sensors for e-health applications Nirmalie Wiratunga, Kay Cooper OpenAIR@RGU dblp
Ashish Upadhyay Machine and deep learning approaches to enhance extraction of actionable knowledge from text Stewart Massie, Nirmalie Wiratunga
Christopher McDermott Exploring the use of conversational agents to improve cyber situational awareness in the IoT John Isaacs, Andrei Petrovski OpenAIR@RGU dblp
Farzan Majdani Shabestari Environmentally aware adaptive mobile computing Andrei Petrovski, Daniel Doolan
Glenn Forbes Employing multi-modal sensors for smart home health monitoring Stewart Massie, Andrei Petrovski, Harsha Kalutarage OpenAIR@RGU dblp
Hope Eke Securing information systems against advanced persistent threats Andrei Petrovski, Hatem Ahriz OpenAIR@RGU dblp
Idris Zakariyya Integrated machine learning techniques for IoT security Omar Al Kadri, Andrei Petrovski, Harsha Kalutarage OpenAIR@RGU dblp
Joan Alza Santos Dynamic permutation optimisation problems John McCall, Mark Bartlett, Josu Cerberio dblp
Kyle Martin Similarity and explanation for dynamic telecommunication engineers support Nirmalie Wiratunga, Stewart Massie OpenAIR@RGU dblp
Laura Jamieson A deep learning framework for processing and analysing complex documents Eyad Elyan
Muhammad Shadi Hajar Security of healthcare wireless networks Omar Al Kadri, Andrei Petrovski, Harsha Kalutarage
Pattaramon Vuttipittayamongkol Classification of imbalanced and overlapped data Eyad Elyan, Andrei Petrovski OpenAIR@RGU dblp
Reginald Ankrah Intelligent evolution of telecommunication networks John McCall, Olivier Regnier-Coudert OpenAIR@RGU dblp
Russell Ainslie Large-scale optimisation problems: Operational supply planning John McCall, Olivier Regnier-Coudert OpenAIR@RGU dblp
Scott Wares Towards coping with temporal dependence for concept drift detection and data stream mining John Isaacs, Eyad Elyan, Chrisina Jayne OpenAIR@RGU
Suvi Sivén John Isaacs, Andrei Petrovski, Mark Zarb, Chrisina Jayne
Taina Lintilä Mark Zarb, Roger McDermott
Truong Dang Evolutionary algorithms for deep learning systems and applications Thanh Nguyen, John McCall
Uneneibotejit Otokwala Security of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices Andrei Petrovski, Harsha Kalutarage
Yogitha Alapati Elderly people and computing terminology Michael Heron, Stewart Massie