Cybersecurity Teaching Lab (N523)

The Cybersecurity lab N523 is a 36-seater room where each student has access to a CCNA/P equivalent of equipment, i.e. 3 network switches and 3 network routers called a “Pod”. Two pods are housed in a 14U rack under a desk between two students. Each rack provides 12 patch ports for a mix of Ethernet connectivity and console connectors per pod, of which, 6 are used to connect to local devices and consoles and the other 6 are patched on to two centralised main racks.


These main racks contain a subset of network security equipment, where Firewall, router and Network Taps can be shared. The second rack holds a switch with a fibre connection.

Students log on to this PC normally to access university resources as in any other IT lab. The only difference in the configuration is the addition of 3 Virtual Machines on the PC that are accessed through VMware Workstation. Each PC is enhanced with 3 extra network cards that take up the remaining slots in an HP Small Form Factor machine.