Green Room Booking

The Green Screen Room  (SA48) forming part of the School of Computing Science and Digital Media, Robert Gordon University is located in the Garthdee House annexe towards the west end of campus. The rooms general dimensions are 7.8 x 7.6 meters, providing a total floor area of 58 square meters (over 620 square feet). The room includes a cyc/infinity wall on three faces thereby assisting to get a high quality key from the recorded footage.

Booking Procedure

First of all, check that the room is available when you would like to use it. The room is searchable on Celcat under Rooms and SA48 and the link to it is here. This should be the first place to look to see if there are spaces.

Note that the room is available during Garthdee Annex hours. These are detailed here. Note the restrictions at weekends or over the summer months.

The Green Room can be booked by visiting the School Office in room N428 or emailing  The availability of room is  split into AM & PM slots – or can be booked for the whole day if required. Bookings  should be made at least two days prior to usage.

The room is secured by key and padlock code, both of which can be obtained from the CSDM IT Support team in N425 along with any other digital media kit you wish to hire. Keys must be returned to N425 or School Office by 5pm.  Students must also provide list of all other students undertaking filming with them in the room.

Lighting & Power

All lighting has keyed to standard daylight temperatures. Fixed ceiling lighting provides both general room illumination and lighting on the primary green screen surfaces and are controlled from a touch screen panel. Additional lighting is supplied of a selection of Coolite 9 and Coolite 655’s providing the equivalent of over 6000 watts.  The room is equipped with nine retractable four gang sockets mounted in the ceiling. Two pairs of double gang sockets may also be found above the motion capture railing infrastructure, close to ceiling level, on each of the primary green screen walls. An additional half a dozen double gang sockets are to be found along the back wall, thereby providing a total of 52 sockets distributed throughout the room.

Motion Capture

A large area of the room is given over to an Optitrack 12 camera Flex 13 Motion Capture system. This is mounted on a railing system at a height of 2.5 meters. A HP Z400 Workstation with a Core i7 processor & 24GB of RAM is used to capture the actors movements through the use of Optitrack’s Motive MoCap system. The installation occupies and area 7.5 x 6.2 meters amounting to 46 square meters or 500 square feet.

Libec Swift Jib 50

You may also make use of a remotely operated Jib system, specifically the Libec Swift Jib 50 with T102B tripod and DL08 dolly. It also feature the REMO30, a remote tilt and pan head, supporting cameras up to five kilograms.

Terms & Conditions of use

  • No shoes are to be worn inside the room, students MUST either remove footwear before entering and store it at the rear of the room, or use the blue shoe covers provided.  The only exception to this rule is the person is being filmed –  If the shot requires a full length shot, they can wear shoes only on the condition that the soles are NON marking – similar to those found / used in sport halls.
  • No food or drink to be consumed in the room.
  • All equipment must be removed and tidied away when finished in the room. This includes retracting all power points back up to ceiling, removing any additional props, and ensuring all the lights are turned off.
  • Spot checks will take at random intervals, any student found to be breaking any of the above noted rules will banned from using the room for the remainder of the semester.

Damages & Breakages

The student who books out the room is responsible for the rest of the group using the room, therefore they will be liable for any damages or breakages in the room.  If you intend on using the room with a group of students, please ensure you have their full name and matric number when booking the room.