N526 Booking

N526 Room Booking

N526 is part of the School of Computing Science and Digital Media, Robert Gordon University is located in the Sir Ian Wood Building on the 5th floor. The room contains 8 PC’s in an open space plus one PC in a Pod room. This room is available to book by staff for teaching and by students for quiet working, project work, practicing presentations, demos  or team meetings.

Booking Procedure

First of all, check that the room is available when you would like to use it. The room is searchable on Celcat under Rooms and N526 and the link to it is here. This should be the first place to look to see if there are spaces.


  •  Note that the room is available during Sir Ian Wood Opening hours.
  • These are detailed here. Note the restrictions at weekends or over the summer months.

The Room can be booked by students by visiting the School Office in room N428 or emailing  csdm-roombookings@rgu.ac.uk. The availability of room is split into AM & PM & Evening slots. Evening slots can also be used to kick off overnight project work for picking up first thing next day. Ideally, bookings should be made at least two days prior to usage.

Staff looking to book the room for timetabling classes should go through Virginia to arrange block bookings or for individual weeks if that is all that is required.

The room is secured by a numbered keypad. This code will change weekly, on a Monday morning and you will be given this weeks code when you request access. If booking for a team meeting, one  student should assume responsibility for booking the room and stating the number of people participating.

Lab Equipment

The lab is populated with 9 HP Z420 workstations. These Workstations come with Xeon Processors, 16GB RAM, a 256Gb SSD and 1TB HDD combo and an Nvidia RTX 2060 Graphics Cards. All the PC’s are housed in acoustic cabinets to shield you from the noise of graphics cards when they fire up. Available at each seat, a USB3 hub, a second HDMI socket for peripherals and a 27″ display on a wall monitor arm which is fully articulated and adjustable.

On the walls there are two large display monitors. A small display on the wall allows any PC to have their display on the larger one, or on all displays in the room. By manual selection from the IT Support team, other combinations are available.

VR/AR equipment can be booked out from the IT Support Team in N425 for use with the machines in this room. These devices would typically booked out for the duration of your room booking and should be brought back when you leave. Loans of a longer period can be negotiated in conjunction with the module coordinator or project supervisor.

 Terms & Conditions of use

  • Students are limited to three part day bookings per week due to the limited number of seats in the room. This can either be one whole day booking (7am – 10pm) or three individual slots of AM, PM or Evening)
  • No food or drink to be consumed in the room.
  • Do not invite others into the room who have not booked to use it.
  • The room must be left tidy. All equipment must be removed when finished in the room. This includes switching off all power points.
  • Spot checks will take at random intervals, any student found to be breaking any of the above noted rules will banned from using the room for the remainder of the semester.

 Damages & Breakages

Students who book out time in the room is responsible for the state of the entire room. All students in a room at any point are liable for any damages or breakages in the room.  If you intend on using the room with a group of students, please ensure you have their full name and matric number when booking the room.